My Top 100 Favorite Movies — 16. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

He was their friend, and he betrayed them. He was their friend! I hope he finds me! Cause when he does, I’m gonna be ready. When he does, I’m gonna kill him! ”

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I amar prestar aen, han mathon ne nen, han mathon ne chae a han noston ned ‘wilith.

[ The world is changed; I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. ] 

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one of my coworkers got a call (i work in a call center/tech support) from a customer that was really scared because supposedly the mafia was hacking her computer and they were stalking her…when finally my coworker took remote control of the computer he couldn’t stop laughing because


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In Lego the Hobbit, there’s an item you can forge called the Mithril Rhythm Stick, and it plays this sick beat and y’all should listen.

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Breathe, 2014 | Elizabeth Gadd

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Doctor Who + yellow

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